Buccaneers v. Steelers Preview: Week 4

Published: September 28th, 2014
By Bucstats.com
He's not going to have to do much this afternoon.

He’s not going to have to do much this afternoon.

Fuck the Falcons.

Tampa is going to lose today, but take solace in the fact that it’s going to look nothing like last week.  Doug Martin is back and needs to play well to have any semblance of an offense in the three hours this is going to take.  Glennon gets the start, and at least will push the ball downfield to make for a couple exciting plays that may or may not involve turnovers.

Fortunately, Gerald McCoy will be suiting up.  He’s not going to be what he was week one but he should still handle himself well.  I read that Michael Johnson was “eager” to play again, which makes him the only one.  His is a signing that the Tampa legal team should already be poring over in an effort to get out of it.

Antonio Brown is going to have a solid outing, fantasy owners can be sure. At this point I’m just rambling.  My birthday was last night and I got adequately drunk to endure what will betide me at 1:00 pm.

Score prediction: 27-14 Steelers.