Buccaneers v. Rams Preview: Week 2

Published: September 13th, 2014
By Bucstats.com
Thank God.

Thank God.

Tampa played a solid quarter last week, which means about as much to fans as an above average halftime show.  Winning games is going to require them to play coherently for at least a couple of quarters.  A quick glance at the schedule suggests this is going to be the most winnable game of the season.  Tampa is at home, facing a Rams team that has had zero good news so far.


Defensively the Buccaneers should easily be able to keep St. Louis to 14 points.  Beyond outliers, it would be unacceptable and difficult to explain giving up much more than that to an offense that is the worst in the league.  Their weapons include Tavon Austin, Brian Quick, Jared Cook, Zac Stacy, and Austin Davis.  Apparently, one of those is a quarterback.

Analysis is not required here.  The Rams should not be able to run or pass on anyone, and Gerald McCoy should have a multiple sack performance.  The offensive line is their best asset on that side of the ball and they are only average- even less so now with guard Barrett Jones scratched.  This, of course, means we’ll be seeing Davin Joseph in action.  Again, McCoy should have at least a couple of sacks.


The Rams have the best defensive line in the NFL.  Fortunately, there is no one else worth mentioning and that vaunted line took a hit when they lost Chris Long.  Janoris Jenkins should be overmatched by either of the starting receivers.  That might not matter much if Vincent Jackson can’t shake his case of the dropsies, but let’s dare to be optimistic.  This is an opponent that Josh McCown simply must not hold the ball against.  Throws are going to have to come out immediately after the end of his drop, and if he only throws one pick that’s a marked improvement.

Tedford is going to be calling plays so theoretically the offense should open up.  Here’s to hoping he’s willing to abandon the run when it flounders.  Tampa should, and really needs, to win this handily.

Score Prediction: 24-13, Bucs