Tim Wright Is Pretty Good

Published: October 18th, 2013
By Bucstats.com

Nice article on Tim Wright, who is making the splash that I had hoped Luke Stocker would have made but never did.

The undrafted rookie tight end who was converted from receiver has emerged as a favorite target for new Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon, catching seven passes for 91 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

That’s a far different arrival than under coach Greg Schiano at Rutgers, where Wright didn’t catch a pass until his fourth year on campus and had only one game to rival what he did Sunday, albeit against the NFL’s second-worst pass defense.

The Bucs took a Rutgers player? The hell you say!

In Schiano’s final season, 2011, Wright had 11 catches for 147 yards. But he more than tripled those numbers as a senior. His best game, coincidentally, came at Raymond James Stadium, where he had eight catches for 125 yards in a win against USF.

I would like to thank author Greg Auman for not using the word “ironically” there. I just had to point that out since no one seems to care if they use words properly anymore. Wright having his best game at Raymond James is definitely a coincidence and is not ironic. Thank you, Greg.

This year’s draft saw 16 tight ends drafted. Only three have more receiving yards than Wright’s 138 (one also has 138) and none more than his 132 over the past two games.

The Bucs tradition of finding gems in the undrafted pool continues. This isn’t to say that Wright is the next Jason Witten, but the offense works better when they have a reliable tight end to go along with the receivers. Kellen Winslow may not have bought into the system, but his catches in clutch situations have been harder for the Bucs to replace than they thought. Hopefully Wright is someone who can fill that role. Anyway, there are some interesting nuggets in the article along with the small addendum where we learn that Wright was the team barber (small b) at Rutgers and is continuing to do so for some guys on the Bucs. If anyone can get the championship hair back to Tampa, it’s Wright.