Barth Out For A Long Tynes

Published: July 20th, 2013

This wouldn't have happened if he had kept his whitey fro.

The guy who honestly could have been the team MVP for a couple different seasons will be spending 2013 in the tub. Connor Barth tore his Achille’s at a charity basketball game in North Carolina, and since it is my understanding that the Achille’s tendon is important for keeping your foot attached to the rest of you, he probably shouldn’t be kicking for a while.

Barth was entering the second year of a four-year, $13.2 million contract he signed shortly after being designated the Bucs’ franchise player in 2012. Because Barth was injured in a non-football-related activity, the Bucs could decide not to pay his $2.3 million base salary for 2013.

If Barth had pulled a Terrell Suggs and was just playing in some pickup game with his buddies, I could see this being a possibility. But this was a police benefit, and not paying him sends the message to the rest of the team to not participate in any charitable causes that require movement of any kind. “Sorry, I can’t sit at your table and sign autographs since I might injure my tailbone on your chair.” So I’m sure Barth will get paid.

To replace him, the Bucs signed Lawrence Tynes, the Giants kicker who posed for this picture:

I thought there was nothing anyone could do to make me not like Christmas.

Oh, kickers.

But you remember him because he made a couple clutch kicks for the Giants. He was also the goat a couple times, but we’ll pretend we don’t remember those. Actually, Tynes was statistically about the same kicker as Barth last year. He was tied with him at #17 in the league in field goal accuracy (85%) with a long of 50 yards. Barth is much better from long distances, but Tynes doesn’t seem to miss as many shorter ones. I’m comfortable with him as a replacement. He’s not afraid of a big stage and knows how to make pressure kicks. He’s a good get and I’m surprised he was actually still out there.

“We had other things sitting there that we wanted to act on and could’ve,” [agent] Harris said. “I kept saying, ‘The right situation will come up,’ and it did. I agree they were lucky from the standpoint that (Tynes) was available, but it was really a matter of us waiting for the right thing to open up.”

I’m not buying that for a second. Free agent kickers are like workers hanging around Home Depot. There are a lot of them and if one of them gets an offer, he generally doesn’t wait around for a better one. It makes me think there is a reason he was available, but he’s clean off the field and seems to be a good guy. He had a knee problem in 2008, but that’s ancient history. So if there was something keeping other teams away, it’s not important enough for us to care about.

Here’s to a quick recovery for Connor.