Donald Penn Not Fat, Just Pissed

Published: May 29th, 2013

He's fine with his weight clauses, but no reason to show the gut, either.
Pewter Report published an article the other day (which has since been updated) regarding players who are on the “hot seat” and Donald Penn was one of them because he is not watching his weight and not meeting weight conditions in his contract.

“Penn loves playing for the Buccaneers and is one of those locker room guys that coaches love to have, but also has an occasional lazy streak and has failed to meet most of the weight clauses in his most recent contract”

Of course Penn heard about this and peeled off some tweets (which have since been deleted — doesn’t anyone stand by their words anymore>?) which the Times was considerate enough to capture in a single article.

“330 right now in the best shape I been in a long time stop reporting bull(expletive) I made all my weigh in last yr n this yr,” Penn tweeted.

Turns out the update Pewter Report posted was to clarify that even though they didn’t really specify a time period that Penn had actually met his weight clauses so far this year and last year, just like Penn said. has learned on Monday that Penn did in fact meet his weight clauses for the 2012 season, although prior to 2012 Penn failed to meet some of the stipulations of weight in his contract, costing him of bonus money

“Has learned” is a funny way to put it. Another Penn tweet:

Upon learning the item orginated from Cook’s blog on Pewter Report, Penn tweeted, “Keep reporting bull (expletive) on me n see the next time I do a interview wit u yo (expletive) is lies get the facts 1st Cook b4 u say (expletive).”

What Pewter Report said wasn’t technically a lie since they framed it in the context of Penn’s contract, which he signed in 2010. And since Penn did have weight issues in 2011, they were factually correct. But the implication was that Penn continues to have weight issues that will affect his status with the team (putting him in the “hot seat” this season) and that’s not true. 2011 is a thousand years ago in football time and what happened then has almost no relevance to today.

Penn is still an excellent left tackle and I think the “hot seat” is too strong for him. Everyone was basically put on notice when Greg Schiano got to town — shape up or get the hell off the team. And the number of players left from the Raheem Morris regime just keeps on shrinking. So Penn needs to keep his shit together, but so does everyone else. And at least according to his weigh-ins for the past couple years, he has been.