Bucs Add Steve Smith (Calm Down, Not The Good One)

Published: April 3rd, 2013
By Bucstats.com

The next one will be a clicky, promise.
No, it’s the other Steve Smith, the one who played for the Giants and then for the Rams, but I kind of like this move. He’s an experienced guy who has had a big season for Eli Manning. His drawback is that he’s short and generally only plays nine or so games per year. But put him up against Kevin Ogletree and Tiquan Underwood and see who comes out on top for the #3 receiver. It should be a fun battle at camp.

Speaking of competition, the Bucs also signed Nate Kaeding, likely just to let Connor Barth know that he’s not irreplaceable. There’s not much chance Kaeding will beat out Barth in camp, but Kaeding’s career FG percentage is a little better than Barth’s, and every now and then Mark Dominik will get a wild hair on his ass and do something crazy like keep Mike Nugent instead of Matt Bryant, so you never know. But I like this level of competition for Barth better than just signing some undrafted free agent kicker which is what they usually do.

It also is looking more likely that the Bucs will keep Eric Wright under a different contract.

But the team’s current lack of options at cornerback and Wright’s understanding that the free-agent market currently is tough for cornerbacks has created a situation where the two sides’ interests have aligned.

The team’s lack of options at corner is entirely the team’s fault. There were a shitload of good corners available and the Bucs passed on all of them. Nnamdi Asomugha just signed with San Francisco for a one-year, $3-million MAX contract — none of which is guaranteed. His salary is $1.65-million and the rest is incentives. But the Bucs would rather have kept Wright? I’m sure Dominik has done his research and knows what he’s doing, but I’d really like to know what was so unattractive about Asomugha or any of the other corners that have already been snatched up for practically nothing and what is so great about Wright that they think he’s their best option. It’s baffling to me.