Vitt: Doug Martin is “dropping defensive linemen like third period Latin”

Published: December 12th, 2012
By Bucs Beat Feed

Buccaneers rookie Doug Martin has made quite a name for himself in the NFL with his strong first year, racking up over 1,200 yards in 14 games.

And Martin certainly caught the eye of Saints interim coach Joe Vitt.

Martin "is doing an outstanding job now," Vitt said. "I'm telling you, I said this to our football team this morning, I haven't seen a back run over as many people as I've seen this back run over. He’s dropping linebackers and dropping defensive linemean like third period Latin. I mean they're going down."

What stands out to Vitt is how much of a complete back Martin is, showing the ability to pass protect as well.

"What can't he do?" Vitt said. "He  has good hands, he puts his heels in eight yards deep in the running game, and he's to the line of scrimmage as fast as anybody I've seen. He can make people miss, but he drops his pads and  he gives you very little surface to tackle on. He splits defenders, and when he splits a defender, he's back to top speed very quickly. He's a very, very impressive back.

"When you've got a back who is smart, who's tough, who has great vision and comes with that power and speed, you've got something special."