Bucs Bring Back Veteran CB, WilL Definitely Start Winning Now

Published: December 12th, 2012
By Bucstats.com

Let the sell-outs begin!
With the worst pass defense in the league and a secondary that is the worst part of that worst pass defense, the Bucs had to make a bold move to stop the bleeding and turn this team around.

the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have restored their depth at the position to its previous level by re-signing sixth-year veteran Brandon McDonald.

There. Fixed forever.

[Actually, I know the team can't make a substantive move to improve the team at this stage and are just replacing Myron Lewis who was put on injured reserve and wasn't doing jack shit anyway, so I'm really just being unnecessarily snarky and sarcastic. But seriously, Danny Gorrer, I could have caught that fucking interception.]