Gruden will attend Bucs 10-year anniversary celebration of Super Bowl XXXVII title Dec. 9

Published: November 29th, 2012
By Bucs Beat Feed

Jon Gruden sat in rented office at a local strip mall pouring over film as the founder of his Fired Football Coaches Association (FFCA) a few months ago. His visitor on this day was former Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp and soon the discussion turned to the 10th anniversary reunion of their Super Bowl XXXVII championship team scheduled for halftime of the Dec. 9 game versus Philadelphia at Raymond James Stadium.

Sapp said Gruden cocked an eyebrow and gave his famous Chucky scowl when asked about attending the event. His schedule called for him to be in Foxborough, Mass., to prepare to broadcast the Monday Night Football game for ESPN between the Patriots and Houston Texans.

“I told Jon, I can’t go without you,’’ Sapp said. “Just like that cover of Sports Illustrated (Sept. 9, 2002) when you said you’re not taking that picture with Keyshawn (Johnson)? I’m not coming back to this reunion without you. Me and you are going to be the only two missing? Really? That’s what we’re going to do? We’ll have a Mexican stare down and the head coach and the captain aren’t going to be there? That’s what we’re going to do? 

“Yeah, he’s coming. Hell yeah, he’s coming. I’m telling you, I’ve never been back to that stadium. I’m not going back without the head of my ship. We’ve got to have him. I grinded on him for a good two months.’’

Gruden’s grinder got his way. On Thursday, the Bucs announced that Gruden will attend the Super Bowl XXXVII celebration Sunday, Dec. 9.

Here is the full list of expected attendees.