Mark Dominik Is Clairvoyant

Published: August 31st, 2012

I didn't get the pick because I got high.
At some point we’re going to have to accept the possibility that Mark Dominik can see into the future. It’s the easiest explanation for his uncanny ability to know exactly when to let a player go. Latest example: Tanard Jackson.

Tough loss for the Redskins, safety Tanard Jackson has been informed he’s been suspended indefinitely with a review in a year for violation of NFL Drug Policy. He’s still trying to appeal

A lot of people thought Jackson deserved another chance based on his talent. Dominik knew it was time to move on, and he did. Dominik may not get every draft pick exactly right, but no one does since everyone goes into the draft with a lot of unknowns about how a player will do in the NFL. But once a player is part of the team, Dominik keeps his eyes and ears open and knows when a player is going to be too much of a pain in the ass to hold onto. Which is why I’m done second-guessing the Amobi Okoye release. If Dominik is done with him, so am I. Let’s keep track of how many games Okoye plays in the rest of his career, and how many of them he was effective in. I’ll bet it’s really small.

And still, good luck to Jackson. I really hope he finds the help he needs to beat this.