REAR ENTRIES: D-Line And Hair Line

Published: June 11th, 2012

Rear Entry 129

DLINE WOES: With all the optimism over the new regime and the focus on discipline and details, there’s always someone who wants to piss on your Corn Flakes and tell you something about the season that’s going to suck. Today, Roy Cummings is your pisser and the defensive line is what’s bringing us down.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik still dreams of fielding a defensive line consisting of ends Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers and tackles Gerald McCoy and Brian Price.

Dream is about all he can do.

While the article is mostly about Price, Bowers is the only real issue here. He thinks he’ll be back for part of the season, but we’ll go ahead and scratch him off until 2013 and if he does happen to come back early, fine. But Michael Bennett is no slouch and George Johnson is supposed to be an up-and-comer, so I don’t think the left DE spot is going to suffer terribly. Price is in California training and expects to come back stronger than ever, but you’d never know that from this article.

If Price is not ready for this week’s three-day mandatory minicamp, Schiano said he hoped Price would be ready for training camp in late July.

Those are hardly encouraging words, especially about a player who admittedly played at about 60 percent last season while recovering from surgeries to reattach his hamstrings to his pelvis.

The fact that Price played at all last year is pretty amazing, let alone that he did well. He’ll be in Tampa for training camp because it’s a new coaching staff and new system and he needs to learn it. If they take it easy on him and don’t make him practice as much as everyone else, it’s not the worst thing in the world as long as he’s in shape for the season. And he seems dedicated to that goal. How about we wait until at least July before we start casting doom and gloom on the season.

SAPP SCHOOL: When Gerald McCoy was first drafted, Warren Sapp spent some time with him and Brian Price to try to get them to adopt an attitude of dedication. Maybe it worked, but it didn’t translate into much effectiveness. So now it’s time for Sapp to actually share defensive tackle techniques that could help in, you know, a game. But only a couple.

“When I come back from L.A. this time, me and him are going to get on the field together. I just want to see what he’s thinking, get his mind right, maybe just a couple little tips here and there. This ain’t rocket science. I’m not going to give him the formula to become the next tyrant on the field. But I promise you, you’ll see a much more improved and a much more complete player on the field this year.”

Why wouldn’t he give him the formula to become a tyrant on the field? Sapp wants the Bucs to win, right? He wants McCoy to be the best he can possibly be, right? THEN TELL HIM EVERYTHING! Give him every possible tool he could need to be successful and then let him synthesize them into his own style. I understand the merits of figuring things out on your own, but it’s not like McCoy is going to turn into a Sapp clone as soon as Sapp bestows these secrets on him. McCoy will still have to work and practice and watch film in order to be successful at it. What’s the purpose of holding back, unless Sapp thinks McCoy will overshadow his legacy if he tells him everything he knows. That would be pretty shitty, even for Sapp.

UNACCEPTABLE: Josh Freeman took a break from his football camp at Wesley Chapel to talk to the media about Greg Schiano‘s running game. It’s an interesting article and you should read it to get excited about the possibilities in the backfield, but that’s not what this entry is about.

Do you see the banner pic? Do you see that fucking hair? That, my friends, is a frohawk. And it is decidedly non-championship. True fact: No Super Bowl winning quarterback has ever sported a frohawk. Do you think Joe Montana could have won with that? No fucking way. Hell, even superdouche Ben Roethlisberger never went that far. If Johnny Unitas were alive, he would take a flight to Tampa just to smack Freeman in the mouth. You have less than three months before you start playing games that count, Josh. Abandon that failed boy band look and grow your shit out NOW. Remember this guy?

Josh Freeman as we all know and love him.

That’s a winner. That’s championship hair. Anything less than that and you’re just not trying.