Bucs coach Schiano is on the details

Published: May 31st, 2012
By Bucs Beat Feed

The stories about Bucs coach Greg Schiano controlling everything from the menu to the thermostat in hotel meeting rooms on the road have made the rounds.

They're all true and Schiano makes no apology for being on the details.

"If you've ever been with a group of men in a meeting room, you know that if you put 70 guys in a room, the temperature goes up right away," Schiano told NFL.com. "That might make it harder to focus, if you're worried about trying not to suffocate. Those are the details most people don't tend to. I don't know if I put more on that than anyone else, but I make sure we're thorough. You can bitch about stuff when it doesn't go right. Or you can get out in front of it."

The Bucs say they were aware of Schiano's attention to detail, organizational skills and need for control. In fact, it's one of the main things that attacted them to the 11-year Rutgers head coach.   

"People can sit in interviews and say things, but he's doing things," general manager Mark Dominik said. "There's a culture change going on, and what's exciting is watching the players thrive within that. They have a thirst for what he's saying, for what he's teaching. You sit out here on an OTA day, and you can see it happen."

Bucs players had the week off but they will resume Organized Team Activities Tuesday. Schiano says so far, players have bought into his structure and discipline.  

"We're all men here with different roles -- mine is head coach, and theirs are as players," Schiano said. "It's demanding, what we're asking, it's not easy, but it's the best thing...The buy-in has been great, they've been working incredibly hard. We gave them off this week, and we'll come back with OTAs and the minicamp. But so far, the guys have been excellent. It was a change for them, but we didn't just do it to do it. We explain to them the reasoning, and once they hear that, they get it. Hey, they want to win."

As for the Dominik, he's happy to see Schiano turned the heat up - or down - on players. 

"That speaks to the level of detail, the organization, and how precise he thinks the little things need to be to get it right," Dominik said. "I saw that story as a positive, as him trying to find any advantage he can to make the team better. Whether it's the room temperature, or the story about him allegedly wanting a certain kind of pasta, it shows how important all of it is to Coach Schiano. In any and all aspects of the operation, he wants it to be the best it can be."