A Mentor For Stocker

Published: May 30th, 2012
By Bucstats.com

Stocker drops his shoulder and pisses off Brent Grimes.
Dallas Clark may have had some injury issues and his stats may not have been the best over the last couple years, but Bill Polian, who was his general manager for his entire career to date, gives him a ringing endorsement as a team player.

“Will there be a downgrade in his hands, which were superior?” said Bill Polian. “Even if there is a bit of that, he is one of the best team players I’ve seen in football. There is nothing he won’t do to help the team get better — regardless how it affects his stats or his role. He is absolutely unselfish.”

What this says to me is that the Bucs are pretty much going all-in on Luke Stocker, which I think is a fan-fucking-tastic idea. Of course I do. Clark and Stocker are similar in a lot of ways, although I’d say Stocker is a superior blocker and Clark has/had superior hands and is/was probably a step faster. Although Kellen Winslow was a good player for young guys to look up to in terms of toughness and reliability on the field, he’s not what I would call a “mentor”. He’s kind of his own guy and does his own thing. If Stocker is the future of the tight end position for the Bucs, you probably couldn’t pick a better guy for him to learn from than Clark.

Speaking of Stocker, the Bucs published a story about him during last week’s OTAs. He talks about how his injury during the first day of camp set him back and how he was never at full strength. It’s a good look at how he’s going to approach his second year. Having watched Stocker for years, I can tell you he was a quarterback’s best friend. Good blocker on the edge and always able to get separation and provide a target for a QB in trouble. I’m looking forward to watching him this season.