Glazers Didn’t Need Sapp’s Input

Published: January 31st, 2012

I like that someone feels the need to hold Sherman back. WATCH OUT SAPP!
I waited all morning for some news to happen that was interesting in any way (maybe Greg Schiano would like to hire a coach or two sometime soon?) but it never happened and I’ve got other shit to do with my life, so here’s Pat Yasinskas reporting on LeRoy Butler‘s theory that Warren Sapp somehow influenced the Glazers not to hire Mike Sherman.

Sapp sent out some tweets that blasted Sherman and general manager Mark Dominik, who use the same agent. Sherman had interviewed with the Bucs early in the process and again last week.

Butler claims that Sapp’s tweets influenced the Glazers to pass on Sherman and hire Greg Schiano away from Rutgers.

Yasinskas mostly dismisses this theory although he does leave a little wiggle room by saying he’d “like to think” it’s not true. Well of course it’s not true. Sapp is a welcome guest at One Buc Place and will soon have his name in the Ring of Honor as well as the Hall of Fame, but they’re not going to turn to the guy for hiring decisions. If that were the case, they’d have hired Rod Marinelli, who Sapp absolutely loves. The Glazers know why Sapp doesn’t like Sherman and it’s not a valid reason to remove him from consideration for the job. A player who last was with the team nine years ago having a personal grudge against a coach isn’t going to influence businessmen like the Glazers. If they really took a player’s legacy into account when they made their decisions, the whole Derrick Brooks thing would have gone down a lot differently.

I saw guys on Twitter and message boards who were saying that being pro-Sherman is tantamount to being anti-Sapp and that’s complete bullshit. Why do I need to give a shit about who Sapp has a personal beef with in order to root for a particular coach to get the job? I kind of liked the fact that Sherman was willing to stick up for a player that he believed got cheapshotted (even though I am on Sapp’s side that it wasn’t really that cheap). I like a little fire in a coach. Being a fan of a team or a player doesn’t mean you automatically align yourself with their rivalries or biases or anything else. People need to stop being such fucking sheep.