Published: October 31st, 2011

The golfing isn't the problem -- look how short his hair is!
If you’re pissed off that the Bucs took five days off in a row following British beatdown, don’t blame the team. Blame the union.

Before Tampa Bay fans think that head coach Raheem Morris is all of a sudden running a country club or a resort instead of a football team at One Buccaneer Place, keep in mind that the new collective bargaining agreement mandates that all NFL teams have at least four consecutive days off for the players during the bye week with no exceptions. Those four days are Thursday, October 27 through Sunday, October 30.

The fifth day, today, is going to be their one day off per game week, so starting tomorrow they’re going to work right up until game day. I personally didn’t have a problem with it, but I’ve read on message boards where fans are complaining that the team should be working more. Those fans suck, by the way. Ray Perkins famously had three-a-days in training camp and worked his players non-stop all season long. That worked out well. It’s not a lack of hours that cost the Bucs that game. Mostly, its was Josh Freeman‘s decision making. And I’m sure he makes the right decisions all day long in practice. But when you get into a game situation, things don’t always unfold the way you think they will and that’s when experience and maturity come in. Freeman didn’t have enough of those things to overcome what the Bears threw at him, and the only way he’s going to get them is to keep playing the games and learning. Taking a few days off during their bye week isn’t going to make any difference.