Lee Roy Selmon says he and his brother Dewey are not part of lawsuit vs NFL and helmet makers

Published: August 31st, 2011
By Bucs Beat Feed

Hall of Fame defensive end Lee Roy Selmon said Wednesday he and his brother, Dewey, are not part of a lawsuit filed on behalf of several retired NFL players against the league and several helmet manufacturers.

In fact, Selmon was emphatic that he is, and never has been, part of litigation against any party.

"I've never been a plaintiff in a lawsuit in my whole life, including this one here,'' Selmon said Wednesday. "I’m not even in town, I'm in Dallas visiting family and found out about a lawsuit I’m supposedly involved with. I'm not involved with any lawsuioit and have no intention of being part of one.

"It's upsetting because you get a bunch of backlash off that. That's not our mindset.''

Selmon said his brother, Dewey, also 'doesn't have any knowledge of a lawsuit and has not spoken to anyone about a lawsuit.''

A lawsuit reportedly was filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court listing Lee Roy and Dewey Selmon among the plantiffs in a case against the NFL and two helmet manufacturers for being negligent in dealing with head injuries.

Former Bucs tight end Jimmie Giles also was listed as a plaintiff in the case.

"It was some type of mistake,'' Selmon said. "That is what I know about it. The facts I do know is that I have nothing to do with it, my brother Dewey has nothing to do with it and we know nothing about it.''