Dekoda Watson Is A “Starter”

Published: August 31st, 2011

Textbook sack right there. And I don't say that to a lot of men.
Raheem Morris has declared that he considers Dekoda Watson a starter even though he, you know, won’t be in on the first defensive play of the game.

While Dekoda Watson is a backup linebacker, coach Raheem Morris considers him a starter because of all the special pass-rushing packages the Bucs can use him in.

It sounds like the coaches have devised a lot of different looks for Watson to be a part of, but he’s going to make his bones as a pass-rusher.

“He looks awesome right now,” Morris said. “The opportunities he’s been given, sack, fumbles, he’s creating exciting plays. He’s certainly dynamic in his role, and I love the fact we can put him over there and do those things, and he can still be (able to back up) at linebacker.”

Watson can be called whatever he wants. “Starter”? Fine. I’m just going to call him sir because he looks like this:

Terrell who?

… and he’ll beat my ass if I call him anything else.

“I’m not the biggest guy in the world, and people kind of underestimate you,” Watson said. “I have my speed, the strength, too, and it’s a different story when you come up against me. I’m blessed and fortunate for my athletic ability, and I’m just glad that the coaches recognize that. … If they feel like they have confidence in me, I’m going to show them, you didn’t make a mistake.”

Morris’s declaration of Watson as a starter is also another win for Mark Dominik who plucked Watson out of the seventh round. Out of the 23 draft picks the Bucs have made since Dominik took over, they have only cut two and, at most, will lose another two when final cuts are made next week (Allen Bradford and Daniel Hardy may find it tough to stick around with the depth they have at those positions). And the guys in lower rounds aren’t just special teams players. Erik Lorig and E.J. Biggers and Cody Grimm and Watson are getting big playing time. You don’t have to spend tons of cash in free agency when you draft well.