Teammates Rally Around The Hair

Published: May 31st, 2011

Championship hair.
This whole article just kicks ass. It’s all about how Josh Freeman is keeping the team together during the lockout and how his teammates are responding. It gets me pumped for this season to start. And then I realize there may not be a season and I clothesline the next person that walks by me.

Freeman began working out in April with running back Cadillac Williams and former Bucs receiver Michael Clayton at the IMG Academy in Bradenton. As the lockout lingered and more team-organized workouts were missed, Freeman took it to another level.

He found a facility in Tampa willing to host his daily workouts, and asked teammates to practice with him. The plan was to lift weights for 90 minutes and then hit the practice field for an hour or two, depending on what Freeman wanted to accomplish that day.

Weights and practice? ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!

Receiver Micheal Spurlock flew in from Mississippi. Backup quarterback Rudy Carpenter flew in from California. Right tackle Jeremy Trueblood flew in from Indiana. Receiver Arrelious Benn flew in from Washington, D.C.

Trueblood is a guy on the bubble. There are a couple reasons why he may not be in Tampa this season, but he’s still flying in to be a part of Camp Freeman. I’ve made a lot of penalty jokes at Trueblood’s expense, and I don’t take them back, but you can’t question his dedication to the team.

At times, more than 30 Bucs players have attended Freeman’s daily workouts. Even former Bucs tight end Alex Smith, who played with Cleveland last season, usually attends.

Holy shit, he’s still in the NFL? Smith wasn’t with the Bucs when they drafted Freeman and even he is attending practices with him. That’s how wide his circle of greatness is. He’s even starting to understand motivational tactics, just like a coach.

“Certain people react to leadership in certain ways,” Freeman said. “If somebody busts a route, and I’m just giving you an example, if it’s Kellen, he draws motivation from you getting loud and getting in his face and that’s good for Kellen.

“You might have a guy like Mike (Williams). He and I are on the same page, so if one of us messes up, there is really nothing that needs to be said. I know that I messed up or Mike knows that he messed up.”

Speaking of Kellen, he has the last word in the article, and it’s a great way to end it. And since I’d just fuck it up, I’ll end this entry on his quote, too.

“He’s the dude. I’m not leaving him,” Winslow said. “If it’s my decision, I’m never leaving him. I want to play with him until he retires. I wouldn’t want to play with anybody else.”