Blog Makes Jeff Faine Backpedal

Published: May 31st, 2011

Faine Camp 1

Last Friday, Jeff Faine submitted an open letter to the St. Pete Times, seemingly in response to this blog post on And Faine’s response isn’t so much about the content of the post, which is mostly a transcription of a radio show where Faine says he’s not going to go to Camp Freeman, but JBF’s innocuous sarcasm at the end implying that Faine is a bad leader. At least I assume it’s the JBF post and not my Rear Entry on the topic. I have sent Faine emails in the past with no response, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a shit what I have to say.

I don’t typically respond to blogs but I found it necessary to respond to a recent post when my dedication to my team and the quality of my character as a captain was questioned.

I guess it was questioned, but all the post says is, “What a captain!” Now, if you click on one of the links earlier in the post, you see an entry from February where JBF absolutely does question and criticize Faine’s leadership, mostly for Faine’s disbelief that Josh Freeman could get any reasonable attendance for offseason workouts. But that was three months ago. He just now got wind of that? JBF also rails him about his stance on lockout health insurance, but that shit is boring.

There is nothing more I’d rather be doing than going through the offseason program and preparing for the upcoming season with my teammates on our journey to compete for a championship.

Camp Freeman is the only offseason program there is right now, so you either you want to be part of it or you don’t. As of last week, he didn’t.

Back in February when I was asked about the feasibility of organizing player workouts, I wasn’t questioning Josh Freeman’s ability as a leader, I was more saying how difficult it will be for any individual to logistically get the entire team together for an offseason program comparable to one organized by the Buccaneers. If I wasn’t clear on that matter, I apologize.

I didn’t take it that way, but I thought it was unnecessarily negative of Faine to say that Freeman wasn’t going to be able to do it. Freeman is out there on the field throwing a pass with one hand and talking on a cell phone with the other trying to get more players to attend. If anyone can do it, it’s Freeman. I’m not sure why Faine felt the need to piss on Freeman’s efforts before the offseason had even kicked off.

Although I missed the first three days of field work in Tampa because of prior commitments, I will be part of future sessions to build team camaraderie.

He didn’t say prior commitments on the radio, though. He said his time was better served in the weight room and then made a sarcastic comment about blocking air. It seemed derisive to me. Even in this statement where he says he’ll start attending, he specifies that it’s to build team camaraderie. He really doesn’t sound like he thinks the practices are useful from a skills standpoint.

As professionals, we are all accountable for our training and preparation regardless of where we live in the off season.

Huh? Did someone use where they live as a reason to not attend? I didn’t read that anywhere. He’s responding to a charge that no one made.

I can assure you I will do all I can to continue to build on our team success from last season.

Big finish! As a team captain, Faine really should be there regardless of how much practical benefit he thinks it will have, so it’s cool that he came around. And it’s cool that a blog is what made him do it. It’s happening, people. Slowly but surely, we’re becoming relevant. And when we finally are, I’ll be right there at the front of the line holding dirty pictures.