Potential lockout would be hard on Bucs’ new coaches

Published: February 28th, 2011
By Bucs Beat Feed

Every team will be adversely affected from a preparation standpoint if and when there is a lockout in the NFL this season.

But the situation will be especially hard on teams with new coaches, particularly head coaches and coordinators. Even teams like the Bucs will be affected as Tampa Bay has new offensive and defensive line coaches.

In the past six weeks, the Bucs have hired offensive line coach Pat Morris and co-defensive line coaches Keith Millard and Grady Stretz. They have yet to get an audience with their players because the offseason program isn't yet underway. But those players might not get the chance for a while if owners lock out the players, effectively shutting down the NFL.

That could prevent those linemen from having ample time to adjust to their coaches' new styles and philosophies. Different coaches often teach different techniques that players will also have to grow accustomed to, but none of that can happen unless and until there is a labor agreement -- something that is uncertain, at best, right now.

The teams that are best equipped to withstand a protracted lockout that severely restricts offseason work are veteran clubs that have continuity. Conversely, the Bucs are the youngest team in the league and have made a couple of changes at key coaching spots.

So, we'll see how this all plays out, but it sure would benefit the Bucs to have their offensive and defensive linemen working with their new coaches as soon as possible.