Jeff Faine Is Still Nicer Than You

Published: January 31st, 2011

You don’t hear a lot about Jeff Faine these days because he was put on injured reserve during the season and now we’re at about the slowest Buccaneer news cycle I can remember in the last five years. But in case you’re wondering what he’s doing, he’s still out there being a better human being than you could possibly ever aspire to.

For the second year in a row, Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Jeff Faine is holding a charity gala to raise money for The Faine House, a charity focused on foster children who have aged out of the system and have no place to live.

Faine, a central Florida native who was adopted at a young age has helped raise about 100 thousand dollars for his cause and says he, along with the Children’s Home Society are close to being able to either build a new house or purchase an existing home where children who no longer qualify for the state’s foster care system can go for shelter and education.

According to the CHS 36 percent of children who are too old for foster care become homeless at some time.

Once you’re too old, they just boot you out of the system (like the Bucs when a player turns 25) and if you aren’t prepared for life in the outside world, too bad. It’s a problem that doesn’t get a lot of attention because the whole foster system is somehow stigmatized, but Jeff is doing something about it. It’s a good cause and you can get involved by attending the gala that he is personally inviting you to, or clicking here to learn more or donate.

Man, this guy’s a jerk. Always doing all this charitable work and making the rest of us feel like assholes for blowing our paychecks on amputee porn and contributing nothing to society. What’s he going to do next, give a puppy to a little girl with cancer? Oh wait, too late.