Two More Go On Injured Reserve

Published: November 30th, 2010

Davin Joseph and Cody Grimm were both put on injured reserve yesterday for injuries they sustained in the Ravens game.

Both players were injured during Tampa Bay’s 17-10 loss at Baltimore, Joseph suffering a broken foot on the opening drive and Grimm sustaining a fracture in his lower leg while blocking for Aqib Talib after a second-quarter interception.

Grimm’s injury was originally reported as an ankle, but now I guess it’s his lower leg. Either way, he needed the cart to get off the field, so it’s bad. Jeremy Zuttah will fill in for Joseph just like he did a couple years ago and we’ll probably get to see Sabby Piscitelli starting at safety for Grimm, so get your protractors out because you’re about to see some really bad angles. The funny thing is that the Buccaneers web site doesn’t commit to Sabby being the new starter.

Fourth-year player Sabby Piscitelli finished the game at free safety for the Buccaneers after Grimm’s injury, and he will certainly be one of the options the team will consider to fill that spot for the rest of the season. The Bucs will also look at third-year player Corey Lynch, who has been a special teams standout in his second season with the team, and may elect to promote first-year prospect Vince Anderson from the practice squad.

I haven’t heard much about Lynch since Grimm beat him for the free safety spot and Anderson has never played in an actual game, so even I think Sabby is the best option right now. Oh hey, guess who Steve White says is to blame for the 65-yard Todd Heap touchdown.

I have watched the play where the Ravens tight end Todd Heap catches the 65 yard touchdown and in my mind there is only one explanation. Everyone in the secondary appears to be playing cover 2. Everyone that is but Sabby Piscitelli. He rolled up in the box and then kind of stood flat footed at the snap while Heap ran right by him. I don’t know how he ended up that out of position but with both corners rolled up and with Sean Jones on the opposite hash at cover 2 depth its hard to see how the call was anything but cover 2.

If you watch the replay, you can see Sabby bite on the play-action fake and then let both the outside receiver and tight end run by him while he doesn’t really defend either. And as Steve points out, if it’s cover 2, he should be deep anyway. Oh well, at least now I’ll be able to use all those Situation jokes I had stashed away.