Situation Critical: Sabby Gets Cut

Published: November 30th, 2010

Look for Sabby in the exciting new reality series, 'UFL Shore'.
The Bucs made a bunch of roster moves today, putting some guys on injured reserve, elevating others fromthe practice squad, and oh yeah, RELEASING SABBY PISCITELLI.

The Bucs released 2007 second-round pick Sabby Piscitelli today, a move that comes only days after the Bucs lost Cody Grimm and Piscitelli was the first player off the bench to replace him.

I can’t say it enough: Do not fuck with Raheem Morris. If you aren’t getting the job done, you’ll get cut faster than elementary school teacher salaries. Sabby was given every chance to succeed and what he’s going to be remembered for is flying past tackles, being out of position, and phenomenal abs. So now the three most senior safeties from just one year ago, Piscitelli, Jermaine Phillips and Tanard Jackson, are all history. Guess what position is getting drafted in the first three rounds next season.

With a total of four open roster spots (with Grimm and Davin Joseph headed to injured reserve), the Bucs filled them with practice-squad call-ups safety Vince Anderson, receiver Dezmon Briscoe, guard Brandon Carter and Browns practice-squad member Larry Asante, another safety.

Everyone’s panties are all moist for Briscoe, so I’m eager to see what he brings to the receiving corps. Micheal Spurlock better keep his bags packed if he drops another endzone catch that hits him in the hands. Briscoe is there specifically to make some of those guys nervous. Obviously Carter gets the nod to add some depth with Jeremy Zuttah being elevated to starting right guard.

As far as safeties go, the Bucs look like they’re throwing shit against a wall to see what sticks. I remember Asante from Nebraska but that’s about it. Anderson is listed as a cornerback on the official roster, but everyone is calling him a safety and that’s where they need him. And we’ve still got Corey Lynch on the roster, who is a special teams monster but hasn’t impressed enough at safety to keep the Bucs from making all these moves. Whoever it is, Sean Jones is going to play opposite someone who still gets carded for rated R movies.