Corey Lynch Accused Of Dirty Hit

Published: November 30th, 2010

Watson feels Lynch's head for his matrix plug.
According to Ravens cornerback Chris Carr, Corey Lynch cheapshotted him during a punt return.

“I got hit when I wasn’t looking on a punt return when I was blocking,” Carr said. “I was just standing there when some guy came up and wanted to de-cleat me.

“Hopefully, he should get fined on that. That’s unnecessary. There should be a fine. Unbelievable, I haven’t gotten hit like that since college. It was No. 41, and you can write that down. Knocked the wind out of me, I couldn’t breathe. My hip, my side is hurting.”

Carr said he expects to feel the effects of the hit for a while.

“I’m feeling a little better,” he said. “I’m going to be sore for the next couple days. He caught me when I wasn’t looking. It was extremely unnecessary. It’s unfortunate that players want to play like that.”

Oh shut up. If you were coming on a corner blitz to the quarterback’s blind side and he had no idea you were about to sack him, would you stop to introduce yourself first, or would you hit him when he wasn’t looking? Returning punts is dangerous work. Maybe you should, I dunno… pay more attention next time? This is the first I have ever heard Corey Lynch and “dirty” in the same sentence and everything I’ve ever heard about him has been positive, so I’m going to go ahead and say that Carr is being a bitch and should just wash the sand out of his vagina and sit on the bench if he’s getting hit too hard. And, no, I’m not being some tough guy. I’m a bitch, too. But I know it, so I sit behind a desk because I don’t like getting hit. See how that works?