Training Camp Summary: August 01

Published: August 1st, 2010

Training Camp 1
Josh Freeman was much sharper today. Good touch on the ball. Michael Clayton caught a nice one from Freeman. Still, Freeman wasn’t perfect. When he was off, he was throwing late more often than not.

Arrelious Benn ran a reverse. It was a good attempt to get the ball in Benn’s hands to take advantage of his skills, but it didn’t go for many yards.

Kind of surprising to see Rudy Carpenter throwing to Reggie Brown. Brown is contending to start and Carpenter will be wearing a headset so much it will fuse to the side of his head. But I guess he has to throw to someone.

Mike Williams is taking starting snaps. Williams gets open almost all the time and has beaten Aqib Talib several times. He hasn’t had a ton of catches, though, because a lot of the balls are off target. But don’t be surprised to see an opening day starting combo of Williams and Brown.

Rendrick Taylor blocking for Kareem Huggins looks like an excellent combination. Both guys are fighting for a roster spot, but they seem to have a great rapport and Taylor is a devastating blocker.

Demar Dotson is now practicing at right tackle. He spent most of his time going against Michael Bennett and seemed to do a good job against him. No one could recall a snap that Bennett beat Dotson.

Keydrick Vincent vs. Ryan Sims: A tie. Those guys are huge.

DE George Johnson continues to impress. He beat James Lee on both of their one-on-one reps. I have heard that Johnson is a dark horse for a spot on the bottom of the roster. I don’t see how considering the numbers, but if he keeps up his good work, the coaches may try to squeeze him on.

I’ve read some questions on here about the safeties. Sabby Piscitelli msotly ran with the second team today and both he and Sean Jones are playing special teams drills. Tanard Jackson is knocking down a lot of passes, but hasn’t had an interception yet. Cody Grimm had an interception while covering Terrence Nunn today, but it was one of Freeman’s poor passes. However, I’m hearing that Grimm is doing pretty well overall.

Barrett Ruud is apparently not letting his contract disappointment affect his on-field performance. He has been making plays on both blitz assignments and coverage. He dropped an interception today and dropped and did five pushups as a self-inflicted punishment.

Elbert Mack is getting beat. Like, a lot. Sometimes by receivers who have no shot at making the team.

You know who has looked good for the last two days? Dre Moore. I made a joke last week that I kind forgot he was on the team, but he has lost weight and improved his first step off the line without losing any power. I would suspect that Moore’s improvement is bad news for Ryan Sims. Sims still looks like he’s playing the Jim Bates system and he’s not exactly part of the youth movement.

Today’s clicky is by request of Joe. These camp summaries take a while, so I’m not going to do them every time, but I’ll throw them in now and then.