Training Camp Summary: July 31

Published: July 31st, 2010

For the last time, lady, I am not Jeff Garcia!
Since Gerald McCoy wasn’t at the first practice, Brian Price subbed for him at three-technique in addition to playing nose. I was told there was a period of several plays where he was “unblockable”. At three-technique, he destroyed Jeremy Zuttah and at nose he held the point against a Jeff Faine/Davin Joseph double-team. One-on-one between Price and Zuttah was more of a tie, with Price winning one and Zuttah winning another.

When McCoy was around for the second practice, Joseph owned him in one-on-one drills. Knocked him to the ground. McCoy looked better in 7-on-7, getting some penetration against Joseph a couple times.

Donald Penn came to camp in shape. He pushed Greg White around in the one-on-ones.

Keydrick Vincent is a better blocker than Zuttah. Period. After one day, this was obvious to everyone I talked to (both of them).

Erik Lorig got a good amount of work today and looks better than a seventh-round pick. He still has a long way to go, but there’s something there to work with.

Kyle Moore looks like a whole different player out there after losing the weight he gained for Jim Bates. He is significantly leaner and faster and was all Jeremy Trueblood could handle.

Overall, the tone of practice was violent and serious. They were unquestionably hitting harder than they did last year. There was also a distinct lack of music playing.

Clifton Smith had two fumbles. Meanwhile, Kareem Huggins showed dynamic athleticism and speed. I have thought for a while that Huggins had a chance to make the final 53 even with Smith on the team. But if Smith can’t get his fumbling under control, the coaches may turn to Micheal Spurlock or one of the new wide receivers as the returner and just cut Smith outright. It seems crazy, but no one is going to tolerate a fumbler.

Josh Freeman was not sharp today. Over- and underthrowing receivers several times. For a guy who has been spending a good chunk of the offseason at work, he sure looked rusty.

In fact, all the quarterbacks looked pretty rusty. Josh Johnson was off target a lot of the time and Rudy Carpenter didn’t play much at all. Jevan Snead was released today to make room for McCoy. Why the hell did he leave college again?

Yes, yes, we all heard about the nice catch by Michael Clayton from Josh Johnson. Let’s remember that Clayton almost always looks good at camp. Man, I really hope the coaches remember that, too, when it comes time to make cuts.

Arrelious Benn is a YAC guy. Good change of direction and strength to make guys miss in the open field. He can take a three yard out and make 15 out of it.

Reggie Brown caught everything thrown his way. He’s also faster than you think he is. I never considered Brown a speed receiver, but I’ve been told he may be the fastest receiver on the team.

I have heard that Brent Bowden is the best punter the Bucs have had in years. Better than Josh Bidwell. EXIT LIIIIIIIIGHT! ENTER NIIIIIIIGHT!