USF’s Matt Grothe trying to turn heads at Bucs camp

Published: April 30th, 2010
By Bucs Beat

Former USF quarterback Matt Grothe took the field at Buccaneers rookie camp for the first time since sustaining a knee injury with the Bulls in September, and it was enough to give coach Raheem Morris a sense of what Grothe did in his college career.

"I was very impressed with Grothe," Morris said. "I unfortunately missed his local workout. I was able to see it on tape when I got back,and he was very impressive on that. Now, listening to him get into a huddle, you understand why he was in control of his team, why he was a guy over there at South Florida that ran the show. Just talking to him, he has the lingo of a quarterback, the mind of a quarterback, the personality of a quarterback.

"He lacks some size. I like picking on him a little bit. I told him to stand up when he was behind center. I like messing with my guys. You're talking about a sharp guy, a guy who has a lot of wins under his belt, a lot of yards. ... I can see why."