Morris feels Cadillac Williams will have a breakout 2010

Published: March 31st, 2010
By Buccaneers Gab

Coach Raheem Morris said in an interview with that he’s excited for RB Cadillac Williams this season. Williams finally played a full year in 2009 after dealing with multiple knee injuries, and he finished with 821 rushing yards and four touchdowns along with 219 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Morris said Williams is ready to build on that performance.

“Last year Cadillac’s whole goal was to go out there and get 16 in, and he accomplished that with ease,” Morris said. “Now, I’m sure Cadillac wants to go back to being his productive, dominant self. He had a pretty good year last year, but I’m sure he’s looking forward to coming out and being more spectacular and regaining some of the stuff like he had in his first four games when we put his shoes in Canton. We look forward to those things. He looks forward to those things. He’s driven. He’s motivated. He’s a guy that drives me because of his passion. I’m excited about Cadillac. Just talking about Cadillac gives me chills because he’s the type of guy you want to be around. He’s the type of guy you want to have on your football team. All those things add up and factor in for me.”