Bucs preseason schedule released; Kickoff is at Miami

Published: March 31st, 2010
By Bucs Beat

The NFL has released the leaguewide preseason schedule, so we now know the Bucs' opponents for the exhibition season (exact dates will be released in the next couple of weeks with the full schedule).

The preseason kicks off the weekend of Aug. 12 with a game at Miami. That's followed by home games against Kansas City the weekend of Aug. 19 and Jacksonville on the weekend of Aug. 26. The preseason concludes with a road game at Houston on either Sept. 2 or 3.

That good news for the handful of you who still have tickets is that the two preseason games in the middle, in Weeks 2 and 3, are the ones in which the starting lineups play the most. So, if you do attend, you'll see better football than you would otherwise.

Then again, preseason football is preseason football. If you're a real die-hard, perhaps you'll want to see the full league-wide slate of preseason games. If so, knock yourself out.