Maurice Stovall Tendered

Published: February 28th, 2010

This tipped punt by itself was probably worth $100,000
According to TBO, Maurice Stovall was offered an original pick tender of $1.176-million for 2010. As Roy Cummings points out, Stovall will more than double his 2009 salary if he signs the tender.

One restricted free agent who may actually be happy with the tender the Bucs have slapped on him is wide receiver Maurice Stovall.
Stovall was a third-round pick of the Bucs in 2006 and he was given an original draft position tender, which carries with it a $1.176 million salary for 2010.

Even if you include the $6,760 workout bonus he received, Stovall made $541,760 in 2009. By accepting the tender, Stovall will get a raise of $634,240.

Stovall has to be thrilled that he can catch 44 balls in four years and then have his same team offer him more than a million dollars to keep doing it. To be fair, in 2009 he more than doubled his production from his first three years combined, so I guess his potential upside combined with his special team skills made it worth it to the Bucs. Oh, and the fact that they have no one else.