Published: October 30th, 2009

Ahh-ooooooh, big fat werewolf in London.
Buried in a Pewter Report article about Josh Freeman being named the starter is a little nugget about his listed weight of 248 being a little off. And by a little, I mean a couple dozen pounds.

On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Greg Olson revealed that Freeman weighed 270 pounds, but later clarified that comment when asked if he misspoke. Freeman is listed at 6-foot-6, 248 pounds on the team roster. The Pewter Report staff has noticed that Freeman has gotten bulkier since May when he debuted at the team’s rookie mini-camp.

“He’s probably 265 pounds,” Olson said. “He’s right in there. He’s big. He’s more than [the 248 listed on the roster]. He’s probably 260. He’s at least 260.”

When asked if Freeman is currently overweight, Olson said, “No.”

From 270 to 265 to 260 in six seconds. Yeah, I’m going to say that with the way Olson was stammering about the issue that the 270 number is the right one. And that seems a little thick. Freeman doesn’t like to compare himself to JaMarcus Russell (and I can’t imagine why not), but they’re both about the same height and weight now. And Russell was just fined for being too fat. Freeman prefers to compare himself to Ben Roethlisberger, who is listed at 6-5, 241.

I’d like to think that the gain is because he’s been working out and and has added some muscle mass. But even if it’s all muscle, 270 is still pretty damn big. What other quarterbacks are that heavy? Russell, Daunte Culpepper… I can’t think of any others. I guess as long as he’s able to move around well on Sundays, it’s not a problem. And from the brief bit we saw last Sunday, he seemed to be able to run all right. But it’s probably time to stop trying to get his money’s worth at Golden Corral. Maybe he could use a more assertive dietitian, like Britney Spears.