My God, Florio Is Annoying

Published: September 30th, 2009

McCoy may be excited, but not as excited as Dre Moore evidently is.
I know I said I’d go easy on reporters this week, but Mike Florio of PFT doesn’t count. He’s a blogger just like me and we’re all awful people, so fuck him. Today Florio is explaining how the Bucs got away with the “54-Man Roster Trick“. Except it’s not a trick.

It’s the 54-man roster trick — a device for creating an extra roster spot by cutting late in a given week a vested veteran whom the team trusts to not sign with another team. By cutting the veteran on Saturday, the player misses no practice time (other than a walk-through) and loses no money. Then, the following week, the vested veteran is re-signed.

Florio is talking about Matt McCoy being cut so Mario Urrutia could be promoted to the active roster last week, and now McCoy has been re-signed and Urrutia has passed waivers and been re-signed to the practice squad. There are no shenanigans involved and everything is above the board. McCoy could have signed with any team while he was cut and any team could have claimed Urrutia off waivers when he was released this week. There’s no magic to it. Jesus, his brain would explode if he saw someone do that thing where it looks like they’re pulling their thumb off.

Technically, the move violates no league rules — as long as the teams don’t tell the players who are cut that there will be a spot for them the following week and/or as long as the teams don’t seek assurances from the players (or their agents) that they won’t sign with other teams.

The word “technically” implies that there is some non-technical rule violation. What are they doing, violating the spirit of the rule? The Bucs needed a wide receiver, so they released a player they didn’t immediately need and signed one. There’s no conspiracy, there’s no free agent black market, and the Illuminati aren’t involved in any way. Everything in the NFL is infinitely complex to Florio. He thinks someone’s always working an angle or out to get someone else. Calm the fuck down, dude.