Josh Johnson: Man of Mystery

Published: September 30th, 2009

If this was a picture of Byron Leftwich in between plays, he's already be in his wind-up.
For a week at least, the Bucs go into a game with the advantage of uncertainty on their side. There is very little tape out there of Josh Johnson, and the Redskins are having a hard time preparing for what they don’t know.

“It’s very hard for us as a (staff) to see where his strengths and weaknesses are,” Zorn said. “We know nothing about that.”

Even Albert Haynesworth is admitting that they’ve got to dig deep to find anything on Johnson.

Haynesworth said the Redskins have even reached back to Johnson’s college film to see him in extended action.

And then Jim Zorn compared him to Vince Young which, besides being black and tall, I don’t quite get. Does no one remember Johnson’s combine? It was awful. Johnson dropped at least two rounds because he ran slow and threw like shit. Young is a superior athlete, but Johnson doesn’t have the whole unbalanced and dancing-shirtless-with-men thing going, so that’s kind of a wash. And Johnson has significantly improved over the last year and a half whereas Young has regressed and started growing a vagina ever since he lost the starting job to Kerry Collins. I’d take Johnson any day over Vince Young.