Raheem Morris reacts to Dexter Jackson’s release

Published: August 31st, 2009
By Bucs Beat

Coach Raheem Morris stopped short of calling Dexter Jackson a bust despite the team's decision today to cut its 2008 second-round pick. Morris attributed the move to Jackson being what Morris described as a poor fit for the Tampa Bay offense.

"Did he fit our mold?" Morris said. "No, he didn't fit what we wanted to do. He could show up somewhere else and maybe make (another) team.

"We wanted to look at him as a slot receiver. We talked about blocking, talked about having consistent hands, some of the things of that nature we wanted to see (like) making tough catches inside. He didn't fit the whole entire package."

Morris said other receivers have shown more progress.

"I think we gave everybody an opportunity on this team to show up as a wideout," he said. "Some of it's due to other people coming along, other people emerging. The kid's a great kid. And I can't take away from what he did. . . He worked his tail off. But as an organization, it was time to go another direction."

And, with that, the Dexter Jackson era appears to have ended.