Marvin Harrison Ain’t Happening

Published: May 30th, 2009

Marvin Harrison will shoot you.  Shoot you dead.

Come on, really? The Bucs are going to cut Joey Galloway and Ike Hilliard and then go out and get Marvin Harrison? This whole thing started with a Rick Stroud twitter that he probably should have just kept to himself.

Hearing reports that Bucs might be interested in Marvin Harrison. Makes sense if they’re looking at Plaxico…Need depth at WR…

The thing about it making sense if they’re looking at Plaxico Burress is dumb — they’re completely different types of receivers. But everybody took this and ran with it. Stroud later commented on the hype.

People, if I tweet something bout Marvin Harrison it’s agent-driven speculation. If there’s news, I’ll post it on K? Sheesh

Although he says it in the douchiest way possible, he has a ppp… He has a pppoi…. Damn, I can’t say it. You know what I mean, though. If Stroud has some unofficial flake of a rumor that he wants to share, it’s not appropriate for him to do it on the Times’s official site or blog. And Twitter is about as unofficial as it gets, so that’s really the place for it. People should take it for what it’s worth — squat. I mean, come on. This is Stroud we’re talking about. If the Bucs are absolutely desperate for yet another receiver for some reason, Hilliard is still out there and would be the most logical choice. But they’ve got eleven wide receivers on the roster, not counting Jerramy Stevens and Kellen Winslow. They’re fine in that department. If they have some money burning a hole in their pockets, the Bucs should build some goodwill by extending some of the guys that have it coming.