Freeman Hits The Sled

Published: May 29th, 2009

His sled technique is the same as mine for chicks -- launch in, drive fast for about four seconds, then leave so the next guy can do the same.  The only difference is Freeman doesn't cry when he's done.
On the video titled “Buccaneers Insider, OTA Edition, May 28, 2009” on is an interesting three-second clip of Josh Freeman hitting the blocking sled and doing the whole bit — chopping his feet, punching into the bag, driving forward, everything. I don’t think Jeff Garcia ever did that. Check it out; it’s about two-thirds into the segment.

Now, I don’t think this is necessarily making him a better quarterback. I have a feeling if the occasion comes up where he’s the lead blocker on a reverse, he’ll dive at the linebacker’s feet like a girl the same as most quarterbacks do. It’s probably more of a camaraderie-building exercise to have the whole team participate in the grunt work. But I like it. He spent most of yesterday on the sidelines anyway while Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich took the meaningful snaps at the OTA, so it’s not like it was taking valuable rep time from him. And and a bonus, he is building leg strength to drive forward on a half-yard sneak into the endzone.

Blocking, tackling and ball security are the three fundamental skills every player should practice regardless of position. By hitting the sled and taking it seriously, Freeman showed his linemen that he wants to be accepted and he’s willing to work.