Alex Smith Traded To The Patriots

Published: April 30th, 2009

When Smith makes this face this season, it will be because his team is ahead by 3 touchdowns.
In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, the Buccaneers traded Alex Smith.

The Bucs traded tight end Alex Smith to the New England Patriots for an undisclosed draft pick in 2010.

He had only one year remaining on his contract and scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent following the ‘09 season.

So he’ll be in New England now where he’ll still catch about 30 passes per season, but somehow they’ll look more meaningful for the Patriots. Whatever, it was bound to happen and this was a hell of a lot better than letting him walk away in free agency for nothing. The pick the Bucs got was undisclosed, but he was a third rounder four years ago and didn’t do much to raise or lower his value in the time since. I’d guess they got a third or fourth rounder for him.

The hilarious thing is that he was the best Alex Smith in that year’s draft but made an order of magnitude less than the other one. Well, it’s hilarious to me… probably not so much for him.