Don’t Think It Can’t Happen

Published: January 30th, 2009

Don't stare too long; you'll get sad.
Every year, EA Sports get a bunch of football players together at the Super Bowl city and holds the Madden Bowl where all those guys play the latest version of Madden against each other in order to keep public interest alive for a game whose vast majority of fans tired of it months ago. This year, Antonio Bryant won it all by beating Justin Tuck in the final championship. Why did Bryant do so well?

Bryant, who played as the Dallas Cowboys, said he spent hours preparing for the tournament. It paid off.

It’s disappointing to think of Bryant just sitting around, nothing better to do than play a video game for hours on end. He shouldn’t have that kind of time. He should be huddled with his agent and the Buccaneers hammering out an agreement that will keep him in Tampa for several years.

And did you catch that he played as the Cowboys? The Times, who also covered this story because there’s nothing else going on in Tampa right now, did.

Let’s see if you follow me here: [DeMarcus] Ware (Dallas), [Willie] Parker (Pittsburgh), Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville), Tuck (New York Giants) and Antonio Gates (San Diego) all played with their real-life teams.

Bryant played with his old team, Dallas.


I don’t like this one bit, people. There is speculation that Dallas will try to trade Terrell Owens this season because he’s killing the chemistry in the locker room. Jerry Jones has denied it, but we’re talking about Jerry Jones, so who knows what’s going on in his insane head. Most days he walks around thinking he’s actually Yosemite Sam. But if they do lose Owens, they’ll be looking for a guy like Bryant to come in to start opposite Roy Williams.

Mark Dominik could immediately gain favor with the fans by making Bryant his inaugural player transaction. Sign Bryant.