Antonio Bryant Got Screwed

Published: December 31st, 2008

Sign Bryant.  I mean this.
Chad Pennington was named the AP Comeback Player of the Year, an award that should rightly have gone to Antonio Bryant.

The Miami Dolphins quarterback won The Associated Press 2008 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award Wednesday, the second time in three years Pennington has received the honor. He also earned it in 2006 while with the New York Jets.

Pennington is the first player in the 11 seasons of the award to win it twice.

This time, Pennington was coming back from being benched in New York during the 2007 season, then discarded this summer when the Jets acquired Brett Favre.

Oooh, he came back after being benched and cut. How challenging! His first time I can understand because rotator cuff surgery is hard to comeback from, and even harder to be successful again. But this is just a dude going to a new team. Big fucking deal. He got this award for two reasons. People felt sorry for him that he was discarded in favor of prima donna Favre, and his team had a great comeback from a shitty season. If this was a team award, Miami should definitely get it. But it’s not. It’s for one individual who was down and out and then came back the next year to have a great season.

Bryant was out of football altogether last year. This year he was the primary offensive weapon and only reliable downfield threat on a Bucs team that would have been lost without him. 83 receptions, 1,248 yards, 15 YPC, 7 touchdowns. It was his best career season, and he was out of football last year. That’s a comeback.

Pennington did well, and good for him. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dolphins go far in the playoffs — it’s a nice story. But his is not a great individual comeback story. Sign Bryant today, please. Thank you.