Bucs, Garcia dodge a bullet

Published: July 31st, 2008
By Bucs Beat | tampabay.com - St. Petersburg Times and tbt*

Garciacartjpg So, maybe Brett Favre isn't on the next flight to Orlando after all.

We've continued to do reporting on Jeff Garcia's injury, and the Times has learned the early prognosis -- that the calf strain is not serious -- has been confirmed. (Watch audio slideshow)

Garcia suffered a right calf strain, according to coach Jon Gruden, who initially expressed optimism that it wasn't severe. But until further examination could be done, that could not be firmly established.

The team has since gotten a closer look at Garcia's injury, and the findings have quelled most fears inside the organization.

That doesn't mean Garcia won't miss some practice time, something that remains a possibility. But it at least indicates this injury is not expected to be a long-term issue for the team.

(Photo: Jeff Garcia is driven off the field in a golf cart. Times photo -- Brian Cassella. Click to enlarge.)