Earnest Graham Gets “Earnest Graham” Money

Published: June 30th, 2008
By Bucstats.com weblog

Earnest Graham agreed to a three year, $10.5 million deal on Sunday night, making it abundantly clear that good things come to those who wait their damn turn.

When Graham initially started making his feelings about his current contract known, it was reported that he was looking for "Frank Gore" money. Graham got nowhere near that. Gore got $28 million over four years with a $6.5 million signing bonus. We don't know the details of Graham's deal yet, but even just averaged out, it's only $3.5 million per year. Warrick Dunn is averaging $3 million per year, and he's on his last legs. This contract was clearly a reward for last season, but not a commitment for next season. Graham could go in as the #2 or even #3 back and this contract still wouldn't be out of whack.

Jeff Garcia could not be reached for his comments. It is assumed he pulled his face out of his wife's thighs long enough to shake his head and say, "Any day now, assholes!"

Graham can finally afford to have the graffiti sandblasted off his train.