The Winners Of The Draft Contest

Published: April 30th, 2008
By weblog

First, I want to again thank for sponsoring this. Hey, everyone, do me a favor and just click that link there. Even if you are just looking around, if you click it, they'll know you got there from here. That way, when I hit them up for some more contest prizes later in the year, they won't accuse me of counting my imaginary friends as readers. Even though all my imaginary friends are hot alien chicks with three boobs and no vocal cords, except for Walter, who has tried to kill me on occasion.

There were a lot more entries this year than there were last year, and the guesses were better, too. There weren't that many zero scores. However, "david gore" blew everyone away with a top score of 105 points. He gets the $50 gift card. "Justin" came in second with 70 points and gets the $25 gift card. Congratulations, guys. I have already emailed both of you. You have two weeks from today to respond with your street addresses for me to mail the cards. If you don't, I'll move on to the next-highest point total (hey, it happened last year).

If you have any interest in how you did compared to the winners, send me a quick email and I'll let you know. Thanks again to everyone who entered.