Bucs Quarterbacks Are Being Talked About

Published: April 30th, 2008
By Bucstats.com weblog

People who write for other teams have noticed that the Bucs have six real quarterbacks and one imaginary one on their roster, and they are absolutely lusting for them. Well, maybe not lusting. More like, they think they'd be better than whatever mannequins they currently have as third stringers. For example, the Raiders need a backup...

Buccaneers' TBA: The Raiders are watching to see which of seven quarterbacks Tampa Bay releases before possibly making a move.

The Bears are could use some help...

I know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently own the rights to seven quarterbacks after taking San Diego's Josh Johnson in the fifth round, and one of them likely to get cut would look good holding a clipboard for the Bears. Chris Simms would be the preferred choice, but Luke McCown or Bruce Gradkowski would suffice so the Bears could let the winner of the Nick Hill-Caleb Hanie derby stay on the practice squad and run the scout team.

And some Cowboys fans think they've had just about enough of Brad Johnson and wouldn't mind bringing Simms back to Texas.

You would think the Bucs have to release one or three of these QBs at some point. Maybe he would be a good fit behind Johnson for now and a solid backup for Tony Romo in the future.

The author invites comments about Simms, and he gets them. Skim through them when you get a chance.

Dude I saw Chris Simms play at the University of Texas and let me tell you, this guy is the ultimate choke artist.

Simms stinks!!! He's a cry-baby and an average NFL quarterback on his best day. It would be best if he's just forgotten.

I wouldn't have any problem with signing Simms. We need a No. 3 quarterback.

Simms is a useless waste of space on the Cowboys roster. I'd rather have Major Applewhite, and he's not even in the league!!!

Let's keep Johnson for one more year and then grab Mike Vick next year!

I think you get the point. You'd think that the whole Applewhite/Simms thing would have been glossed over since Vince Young came along and won that Rose Bowl a couple years ago. Nope... still angry. Is there no legal way to give Texas back to Mexico?

Simms wants desperately to be a starter, but no one is talking about him like that's even a possibility. He might have a shot in Chicago; I honestly think he's better than anyone else they have on the roster. But Simms might have to start getting used to the idea that he is probably a career backup.

And since I've already posted a picture of Simms today, here's a Longhorn cheerleader in chaps with a smile on her ass. And some chick next to her who thinks we care about her teeth. NO TEETH! How many times do we have to say it?

No one even knew you had a face until this picture was taken.