Instead Of Reading This, You Could Have Been In The AAFL

Published: February 1st, 2008
By weblog

Did you know that the AAFL held their inaugural draft last Saturday? I didn't until I happened to stumble across a mention of it today, almost a week later. I'm sure it was very important to the teams and, you know, good for them and all. But the thing was 50 rounds long. Fifty! Granted, there are only six teams, but NFL teams have a hard time coming up with seven picks that they feel good about. Imagine trying to select your favorite 50. Back in the early days of the NFL, the draft was so mundane and teams cared so little about their later picks that they used them on jokes. They'd pick dead guys or Charlie Chaplin. One team picked the commissioner at the time. That must have been what this AAFL draft was like starting around the 20th round.

I went through the draft roster (PDF), but it was pretty much like thumbing through the phone book because the names meant almost nothing to me. For example, the first pick of the draft was Zarah Yisrael, a guard from Troy State. Exactly.

There were a couple names that I recognized, though. Eric Crouch, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from Nebraska who was drafted as a wide receiver but also failed as a safety and kick returner in the NFL, was drafted #3 overall by Texas. Chris Leak was taken in the sixth round by Florida (the team coached by Shane Matthews.) Tennessee took Tee Martin in the 16th, Woody Danzler (remember the star that the Falcons were going to turn him into?) in the 30th and Rod "He Hate Me" Smart in the 36th. Remember Chad Owens from this past Buccaneers training camp? He was pushing for the kick returner job but kept fumbling. Texas took him in the 48th round.

Even still, if they get a TV deal and there's a game on, I'll probably watch it. Of course I will. It's still football regardless of how it's played, and the whole college atmosphere thing they have going with that league might make it a little more interesting if only to watch the players' faces as they realize that their best days are far behind them now. I think I just made myself sad.

This can't possibly be the actual team logo, can it?  There are city youth leagues that have better logos than this.  I'm pretty sure it was designed by a prison inmate with the mind of a child who won a contest of some kind.  Is that a magic carpet in the middle of the state?