Carmella Garcia Has Healing Hands, Other Parts

Published: November 30th, 2007
By weblog

Carmella Garcia, Jeff Garcia's wife, was on the Ian Beckles Show this morning saying that Jeff has gotten better every day since Monday and was even dancing in the living room Wednesday night. She didn't say what she did to help him heal or get him dancing, but I like to imagine that it involves various oils and her needing a neck brace at the end of the day. Whatever she's doing, she's good at it because Jeff was back out on the practice field today.

... we were allowed to watch the warm-up and stretching period and Garcia particpated fully in that.

The press was not allowed to watch practice, so no one saw him throw anything more than a couple warm-up tosses, but there is reason for optimism that we won't have to endure Luke McCown pondering his existence in the pocket or Bruce Gradkowski throwing to open patches of grass on Sunday. At the very least, maybe McCown gets the start and has Garcia as a backup in case he does the inevitable. Which he will, because that's what inevitable means.

The people who are advocating letting Garcia rest for another week so he can come back against the Texans are wrong and should have their jaws wired shut for the duration of the season. If the Bucs win the upcoming Saints game, they have virtually clinched the NFC South and a playoff spot. It will put the Bucs three games ahead of the Saints for the division lead and also give them the tiebreaker with the series sweep. The only way the Bucs could not win the South in that case is if they lose all four of their remaining games and the Saints win their's. One they're in the playoffs, the scenario pretty much won't change: they'll have to win the first one at home and the rest of them on the road. If anything, put Garcia together with Handi-Tak and spit and get him to play all right Sunday and then let him rest for the next two or three weeks. This game is that important. Hopefully it won't come to that if Carmella can just keep doing what she's doing and get Jeff into proper playing shape. In fact, she should probably film whatever technique she is using and post it on YouTube. You know, for medical research. Or something.

Remember when everyone was calling Jeff Garcia gay?