Scariest Thing this Halloween

Published: October 31st, 2007
By Atop the Crow's Nest

Yes, while Halloween causes people to think about ghouls and goblins, trick-or-treating, scaring anyone anyway you can, and scary movies, I can think of something scarier than all of that.

While “The Exorcist” was named the scariest film of all time, I can only laugh at how a girl turning her head 360 degrees and spewing pea soup is considered scary. Rather, this is something that really gives me nightmares.

Torrie Cox, one of the Bucs Pro Bowlers, is gone for the season. The scary thing? Cox is the 12th Buc to go on injured reserve this season.

Cox injured his knee in Sunday’s game, an injury that will require surgery. Cox recently inherited the kick returner job following the season ending injury to Mark Jones. It seems that nothing can stop the vaunted “Buc Luck.” Aside from Torrie Cox and Mark Jones, the other injured Buccaneers include:

  • Chris Simms
  • Cadillac Williams
  • Luke Petitgout
  • Sabby Piscitelli
  • Mike Alstott
  • Charles Bennett
  • Antoine Cash
  • Chris Denman
  • Sam Olajubutu
  • Paris Warren

To add to that list, there are more Buccaneers that are only out temporarily with injury. Michael Pittman, Brian Kelly, Alex Smith, Michael Clayton, and Patrick Chukwurah have all been out at least one game, and some of them will still miss more.

Nothing today is scarier than the fact that this team could fall based on bad luck alone. Injuries are nothing that can be prevented, and yet it seems that no Buc is safe from its evil grasp. Actually, this seems to be turning into a horror movie. One by one people fall, until it is down to one person to save everyone else.

I’m hoping for a happier ending.