Movement/Players Practice

Published: October 31st, 2007
By Buccaneer Harbour
With Cox placed on IR, and Lucas released for being ineffective, the Bucs had two spots to fill. They filled one by signing WR Chas Gessner. He was waived injured which meant he was unavailable to us for the first 8 weeks, but could be signed by another team. The Bucs were able to bring him back, though, and he could help the team in the special teams department, as well as being an insurance policy against any more WR injuries.

Furthermore, Smith, Clayton, Pittman, Chuckwurah, and Kelly all managed to practice, though they were limited. Smith and Pittman appear to be the closest to playing this week, but all of these players have a shot at playing this week. Reality is that most will probably be held out until after the Bye. If a couple of them can come on and really help this team out and get a win going into the Bye, it would be a very helpful thing. Irregardless, it looks like all of them should be back for the game at Atlanta by the latest. The Bucs could really use all of these guys.

I will also be putting up a mid-season review tomorrow or Friday, followed by the Talking Plank. So make sure you catch both!