Preseason Game 4 Assumptions Based On What I Read

Published: August 31st, 2007
By weblog

I haven't actually seen the preseason game against the Texans yet, so I'm pretty much in the dark about the performance of a bunch of backups and guys who won't make the team. But I'll share with you what I read, which in a game like this is pretty much just as good.

Paris Warren severely dislocated his ankle and will be put on injured reserve for the year. This quickly ends the debate on how many receivers to keep on the roster. It will be six.

Chris Simms was held out of the game with a hip injury that didn't get much explanation. It was reported that he held himself out. If he was going to be used as trade bait or was even going to be released, I would have thought that Simms would want to go out on the field and showcase his recovered skills for other teams. This says to me that he will also be put on injured reserve instead of flat-out cut. No matter what happens, though, he is not going to be one of the final 53.

Three touchdown passes for Luke McCown and there's still debate about who the #2 quarterback will be? Please.

Some guys who stood out earlier in the preseason, namely Maurice Stovall and Kenneth Darby, seemed to take a step backwards on this game.

Sabby Piscitelli got an interception finally. He's been pretty quiet in the preseason but he was picking off passes all during camp. He was going to make the team anyway, but it's nice that he got some experience in before the regular season started.

Even on the highlight films for the game, Alan Zemaitis is getting smoked. I had him making the team just because of his fourth round status from last year, but it may not be enough. The problem is that Marcus Hamilton isn't any better and Sammy Davis has been a huge disappointment for being a former first rounder. This is the toughest position to figure out depth on because the talent after Phillip Buchanon is pretty unimpressive. If Torrie Cox wasn't getting suspended, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

B.J. Askew will be better than Alstott ever would have been this year.  Live with it.