Gone Fishin’

Published: June 28th, 2007
By Bucstats.com weblog

Ok, boys and broads, I'm taking a long weekend. And by "long", I mean about ten days. But I leave you in the hands of a couple talented and well-respected guest authors who will surely put me to shame on my brief hiatus. Or maybe they'll forget to post. I dunno, I'll have limited internet access and, for that matter, limited outdoor plumbing, so we'll all be surprised together.

While I'm gone, feel free to peruse the archives to the right and note with amusement this site's lack of standard formatting or linking conventions and my multiple changes of heart about the competency of Chris Simms. Read with awe my argument that the Saints should leave New Orleans only two months before Katrina virtually guaranteed they would stay there forever. Follow my nearly obsessive coverage of the Panthers cheerleaders who were caught cranking each other down in a Tampa bathroom stall. Then shudder when you remember that one of them was Angela Ellen Keathley. It's all there and over two years more.

Oh, just so you know, I hired someone to watch over the place while I'm gone. So behave yourselves... he takes his job very seriously.

Don't fuck with Chuck.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.