Opinions Run Rampant on the Bucs

Published: April 30th, 2007
By Atop the Crow's Nest

From the Message Boards:

Jerramy Stevens will be a work for the coaching staff.  If there is one thing most disappointing about the Gruden offense is the lack of using tight ends to run seam routes.  I think it’s a little bit handicapped because with the crappy offensive line the Bucs have had, the tight ends are used more as blockers than as receivers.

Alex Smith has the speed to get open down the middle and he wasn’t used but another handicap could have been with Bruce Gradkowski under center; Gruden may not have wanted to throw the ball down the middle.

I certainly think Jeff Garcia’s ability to recognize holes in a defense will mean a bigger role for Smith and Stevens as targets.  Both will be open, especially if they can get the Caddy restarted behind a younger and hopefully much improved offensive line.

If with all these high draft picks on the offensive line they can’t get a push for the running game, then there is serious issues with the motivation of the linemen.

On paper, Davin Joseph and the new guard they have should be knocking defensive tackles around and opening up holes - They both have size and strength.  Moving Buenning to center is a project, and will Pettigout be a good player or a has-been?  Trueblood should become a pretty good right tackle.  This is the year for this offensive line to step up.  Its finally young, its big and it has some strong bodies.

Thanks and a tip of the Buc helmet to EOSchwartz!